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I needed to haze her. But when I kissed her, and when she kissed me, it was something I couldn't do. I didn't care that I was going to disgrace my dad by not following in his football ways. I had hurt her. I bet they would send the video to Claire if she would talk to any of us, but I'm fairly certain that she won't. A video showing what she did. The drugs and drinking. How she'd laughed afterward as though she liked it. Asking for more. Begging. The thought of facing Cade looked into his eyes.

She hadn't put enough distance between them. There weren't enough miles in the world for that. 18 Stevie left the bus in a haze. Her legs. She'd seen a video movie once where a man had sucked at a woman's breast. She'd found it repulsive at the time, thinking that the woman could not possibly have been enjoying such an activity.

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